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For those of you who havn't seen the movie homework is not literal.  Its assignment of vandalism, crazy stuff, etc.There is 4 different groups listed in big bold colors, if you have any ideas for homework click on the link below to send me some.


Virus-by "Rupert"
make up a computer virus and give lots of details, send a warning to everyone you know or just hate and try to get them to delete something important on there computer, look below to read the one i did.
                                SNOWMAN VIRUS
                                  By "Rupert"

First i thouhgt all these viruse things were bull untill i saw this.  I saw this in this magazine a couple days ago about this thing called the snowman virus.  No one knows if you have it or not but lots of people do.  Its a viruse that gets transmited through the internet.  Some guy "unknown" started it.  It could take a week to three months.  But what it does is it slowly turns your computer screen white untill completely white and once u got it, it keeps getting bigger every time you get on your computer.  Recently purchased computers cant get it but once purchased from a year to whenever can be.  The only way to prevent it after you get it is to stay off your computer for 3 weeks to a month it depedns on how new of a computer.  Send this to every one so there warned!

   ProjectJ465G8    By "Cornelius"
...In recent news there is another virus going through Minnesotan computers besides the Snowman Virus. It is called ProjectJ465G8. We don't know who started it but it is bad. It slowly deletes stuff and gos into files you don't usually use so you wont find it. I would even try deleting my internet connection and rebooting it, I had the virus and it worked for me. One day my computer just started freezing for a few seconds off and on like ever miniute. I would also try deleting programs like Microsoft Word or MSN Internet and get a new internet. I beleive that MSN started this virus. Well somebody that works there atleast. It hasnt happend much yet, but it is becoming bigger. Please take my advice and do as i say. If you don't your computer will totally crash and never work again. If you are a child reading this message just do it and delete those programs. Your parents will say no but they don't know what is best.


Smily Face
By "Rupert"
Go to someones yard that you hate and it has to have snow in it, spray paint a smily face in the snow, and if you got big enough balls, start it on fire.